The 6 benefits of drone roof inspections


The use of drones, or “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)’, is increasingly becoming a very popular choice for carrying out visual roof condition inspections. As specialists in carrying out physical roof inspections, here are the 6 biggest benefits of using this modern technology…

Its lower risk 

The first, and arguably biggest, benefit to using drones is safety. Using drones completely eliminates the need to access a roof, and therefore eliminates the risk that comes with working at height. Inaccessible roofs, fragile roofs, weather impacts and complex designs all make roof inspections a high risk. Using a drone removes the need to put consultants at risk, and this is a big win. 

It’s easier  

Manual visual inspections can be time consuming. A drone inspection can be undertaken in a quicker time frame then a more traditional physical inspection, as you don’t need to worry about setting up scaffolding or mobile elevating platforms etc. MKAs UAV pilots are fully trained and licensed in operating UAV’s. 

You can access the entire roof 

Due to certain building designs and/or inaccessible and fragile structures, it can sometimes be impossible for the consultant to access certain parts of the roof. Using a drone can ensure that every inch of the roof is inspected, and therefore no problem will go undetected.

Its cheaper 

Using a drone survey is more cost effective than physical inspections. This is due to the fact that they do not require certain methods of access or equipment, which can be expensive.

Provides permanent footage 

The high resolution video can capture the roof condition at a specific point in time, and save this for future reference. This allows the roofs condition to be monitored year on year, and when carried out by an experienced roofing consultant, can provide the building owner accurate advise.  

Less range of equipment 

Drones can also use thermal imaging to assess the ventilation and moisture within the roof. This reduces the need for multiple different types of equipment, which again, can be costly to hire.

Due to the reasons above, drones are increasingly becoming a useful tool in the roofing consultants tool box of inspection equipment, no matter how large or complex a building is. This is why MKA consultants offer bespoke drone inspections, and we pride ourselves on our detail oriented and thorough approach. Contact us now to book your inspection!

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